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Clywedog Boats Clywedog Fish Stocks Clywedog Fishing Photo Gallery Clywedog Fishing Permits

Competitions List 2024

Competitions are open to all and are a low key friendly day out contact the lodge for details

All competitions start at the lodge 


All competitors are required to report for documentation by 9.15am.



Boat Competitions

  • No Trolling
  • No Fishing Behind The Boat
  • Drogues Are Allowed
    • Thwart Boards Are Allowed
    • No Standing Up In Boat When Fishing Unless playing a fish
    • No Anchors Allowed
    • 6 Fish Max.
    • Only 1 Brown Trout In A Bag Of Six

Weigh In

    • Any Angler Seen Not Adhering To The Above Rules Will Have Their Entire Bag Disqualified
    • Any Angler Weighing in Undersize Fish Will Have Their Entire Bag Disqualified
    • All Anglers To Present Their Bag At The Required Time
    • Only One Placing Per Angler


  • Heaviest Bag To Be Decided By Weight, Where Two Bags Are Of Equal Weight A Second Weighing Will Be Carried Out. If Weights Are Still Equal The Place Shall Go To The Angler With The Most Fish, If Fish Are Equal The Placing Shall Be Shared


  • Any Complaints Should Be Made To The Competition Secretary Before The Results Are Decided. If The Complainant Is Not Satisfied With The Outcome, A Letter Should Be Sent To The Club Secretary To Be Discussed At The Next Meeting




Latest Fishing Report
See our latest fishing reports on the Clywedog for up to date information.


Trout Masters  



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