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Clywedog Boats Clywedog Fish Stocks Clywedog Fishing Photo Gallery Clywedog Fishing Permits

Fish Stocks 2022

Clywedog is stocked weekly with top quality trout from our own trout farm

Salmon and Trout Fish Stocks on the Clywedog

Date Type Added Total Stock
Pre season stock Rainbow Trout 4000 4000
17th March rainbow trout 1000 5000
24th March rainbow trout 1000 6000
31st March rainbow trout 1000 7000
7th April rainbow trout 1250 8250
14th April rainbow trout 1500 9750
21st April rainbow trout 1000 10750
25th April rainbow trout 1000 11750
29th April rainbow trout 1000 12750
5th May rainbow trout 1000 13750
12th May rainbow trout 1000 14750
16th May rainbow trout 1000 15750
23rd May rainbow trout 500 16250
26th May rainbow Trout 1000 17250
1st June rainbow Trout 1500 18750
6th June rainbow Trout 500 19250
13th June rainbow Trout 1000 20250
16th June rainbow Trout 500 20750
20th June rainbow Trout 1000 21750
27th June rainbow trout 1000 22750
30th June Rainbow Trout 500 23250
5th July Rainbow Trout 3000 26250
21st July Rainbow Trout 1500 27750
28th July Rainbow Trout 1500 29250
3rd Aug Rainbow Trout 1500 302500
Date Rainbow Trout 00 00

Latest Fishing Report
See our latest fishing reports on the Clywedog for up to date information.


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