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Clywedog Boats Clywedog Fish Stocks Clywedog Fishing Photo Gallery Clywedog Fishing Permits

Introduction to Llyn Clywedog Trout fishery

Llyn Clywedog is a 615 acre reservoir built on the head waters of the river Severn in the late sixties to supplement the flow on the river and also alleviate flooding in upper Severn valley. Nowadays it is one of if not the premier water in Wales.

It is run by the local Club Llanidloes and District AA with all proceeds put straight back into the fishery, having completely replaced the old wooden trout cages with state of the art modern pvc cages and grading equipment the fishery has now upgraded its entire boat fleet and added 4hp petrol motors to all the boats and for 2020 season we have added another 4 boats making a total of 35 boats including a wheelie boat . Our own farm gives the club the opportunity to save on costs which enables us to stock around 38,000 fish of the highest quality into the lake at a very reasonable cost to the anglers.2020 season was a record year with more anglers fishing the lake than ever before just confirming Clywedog as one of the premier trout fisheries in the UK and Wales top fishery

Being just over 900ft above sea level makes the winters challenging but being at this elevated height does have its advantages during the summer months when the temperatures on the lowland reservoirs can send the fish diving for the nearest aerator or the deeps of the dam wall the more upland waters such as this stay that little bit cooler as to allow the trout to feed right throughout the summer months.

The main food sources apart from spring and autumn buzzer hatches are mainly a whole host of terrestrial insects which provide the fish with a good reason to be watching the surface but by far the most exciting is the world famous Coch y bondu beetle which appears from the start of June right through into July when the cow dun starts, soon after some spectacular hatches of daddy long legs makes the autumn a bonanza for surface sport. 

Latest Fishing Report
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